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Work - Life balance

Your time, your life

Life is more than just work. Life is also about doing what you enjoy in your spare time. Whether you are an outdoors person, a family person, a workout buff, or simply a reader, we believe there should be a good balance between your professional and personal life. We encourage you to be flexible and divide your time so that you are motivated to deliver the best you can at work, and make the time to do what you enjoy in your time off. 
Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours Each person is different. Some are early birds, others night owls. That is why we want you to work when you are at your best! 
Working from home
Working from home We are a software company and can complete many tasks just as easily in a remote setting. That is why we have a hybrid working policy!

How our people feel about working at FourVision

"I have a lot of flexibility in my daily work by working on various things in software development, and I like that I can work from home!" Hans de Jong, Product Owner

Balance every day 

Read how we work to balance our professional with our personal lives
Work from home
Hybrid working We have colleagues all over the world. For some, the daily commute would be too taxing, which is why we encourage hybrid working for our colleagues who live near an office, or full remote working for those living abroad.
Time away from work
Time to unwind Out of focus? There is always someone to talk to. Whether you are going to be working at the office or from home, there is always time to divide your workday. You could, for example, take walks in between meetings and return with a clear mind to participate!
Celebrate and socialize together
​​​​​​​Office get-togethers All work, no play? We don't think so! Organizing drinks, having coffee, going downtown to have dinner, and our annual FourVision celebration days are examples of the things we do together. These social outings bring us closer together as a team. 
Enjoy your work
Find your dreamjob FourVision has more than a decade of experience in successfully implementing end-to-end recruitment and HR software with smart tools and standard solutions. We are a small team who work well together. Our team are open-minded, and inclusive to anyone coming in. You will be made to feel welcome from day one!