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Students and Graduates

FourVision and students

We work together with colleges and universities to enthuse young talent to become part of the HR software and Microsoft Dynamics 365 community. We are a recognized learning company and can offer interns a great place to learn. In exchange, we can learn from you. An intern at FourVision is treated as one of our regular employees whose input we value greatly. You will keep us updated with all the latest academic knowledge around HR, organization and communication management and business relation management. 

Are you in a different field, but interested in doing an internship with us? No problem, contact us and let's talk about what we can do for each other! 
Collaborations We work together with local universities and colleges to invite graduates to conduct their research and finish their studies with us
Full time positions
Full time positions FourVision has various positions for graduates. We would like to know what the focus of your graduation project is and discuss options
University internship
Internships We offer a variety of positions for internships and will introduce you to the world of HR technology 
PhD internship
Research We're always looking for research students that offer insights that have impact inside and outside of our company.

Intern at FourVision

We offer you the change to become part of a fast-growing  amazing chances in a promising company.
Recognized learning company
Recognized learning company
FourVision is a recognized learning company. This means that we are a great place for you to do your internship. We adhere to the criterea of universities and universities of applied sciences. Our dedicated and certified supervisors will help you reach your potential. We are a global Microsoft partner, happy to help you experience what it is like to work in the field of HR technology. 
Global in character
International character FourVision operates on a global level which makes it a great place for you to learn about what working at an international organization means. You will learn from, and work with, people from all over the world so that you will be prepared to enter into the international corporate world. Whether you speak English or want to learn how to, we have the experience to help you reach your internationally related goals!