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A day in the life..

...of a FourVision intern

An internship at FourVision means meeting many people with different backgrounds and working in an international setting. In a short time, you will get to know the entire organization and discover what it is like to work in the Technological world of HR. Read the stories of some of our (former) interns to learn more!

What our (former) interns say

Marijn's story
"I was expected to work as an employee and take on many of the responsibilities that come with that, while simultaneously being given time to develop myself as an intern"
Marijn Bieleveldt, Communications & Multimedia Designer 
Max's Story 
"I came in as an intern and was able to grow into an Online Marketing Specialist. Along the line I learned a lot about campaign management, online marketing, and branding."
Max Schiffelers, Online Marketing Specialist
Laura's story
FourVision is a dynamic organization that offers you many opportunities, like thinking along or participate in several projects or tasks. Proud to join as an intern, I was able to stay here as HR Business Partner after I graduated! I am currently improving our HR department, HR processes and brining HR to the next level!
Laura Boersma, HR Business Partner
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