Equal rights at FourVision

Equal rights

We're all equal
​​​​​​​At FourVision, we believe in equal rights and opportunity, regardless of your background, culture or other beliefs, we welcome everyone. We want to learn from each other and share experiences. Being an international team, we understand how much is gained from working to solve problems together. Your background and cultural experience and beliefs make that you regard issues and situations differently from others. This helps when we talk to customers and decide on the best approach to help them forward. 

Our diverse team

Meet Mehmet
"FourVision is a fair employer. I am grateful to have been given the chance to prove myself"
Mehmet Yusuf Atli, Support Engineer 
Meet Max
"FourVision is honest, transparent, flexible, very supportive and team oriented. We care about our people. Very often I feel like someone who is a part of the business rather than just being employed by the company"
Max Schiffelers, Online Marketing Specialist
Meet Pinar​​​​​​​
"Since my first day at FourVision, I have been learning new things daily. while I can maintain an open and fun dialogue with my colleagues. When I am at the office, I am surrounded and feel valued by colleagues from different cultures and I appreciate that a lot."
Pinar Sardar Yetim, Implementation Consultant Phenom TXM Platform