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Diversity & Inclusion

We are FourVision

Being a global organization, we are comprised of many different cultures and backgrounds. We are inclusive and respectful of each other's beliefs and cultural values. We communicate mostly in English, but can speak in our native langues with our local colleagues.

Besides coming together from all over the worlds, we also come from different professional backgrounds.  Your motivation and passion to work for an international, fast-growing HR company is key for us!
Global leadership
Global We meet people from all over the world. Our customers, team members, and partners are all from different countries with different backgrounds.
flexible working
National holidays We know that national holidays are important to celebrate or commemorate accordingly. That is why the days off correspond with your location!
Equality Everyone is different; culturally, personally and professionally. We welcome this difference and want to learn from each other's experiences. 
Background Different perspectives result in better outcomes. Knowing that, we embrace different beliefs, values & cultural understandings.

Our employees

"I feel proud to be part of an enthusiastic, honest and goal-oriented team! You feel heard. My opinion matters in the team." Oksana Ajzensjtark, Accountant
"After a good search about FourVision and finding out about the international, dynamic and flexible culture I decided to apply right away. The welcoming hiring process made me feel included from day one!" Pinar Sardar Yetim, Managing Consultant

Diversity in our workforce

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Understanding needs
Understanding needs  Working at FourVision means meeting people from all over the world. Different cultures means adjusting your communication and approach for every customer or partner. Be mindful of the differences and how they influence the needs of those customers, partners, or your colleagues. 
Integration and Learning
Integration and Learning Individuals from diverse backgrounds bring with them different perspectives on how to solve issues or deal with certain situations. They will also have access to different resources that enhance creativity and performance among the entire team. Differences that everyone benefits from!
Empowering women technology leaders
Women in technology Did you know that out of 41 European countries, STEM workforces consist of 17.8% women? We have many women in different departments throughout the organization and spread out over our various locations. In fact, women make up almost 40% of our workforce. 
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We believe that diversity in the workforce stimulates more creativity and enhances performance as our backgrounds inform our responses to specific situations.

Do you want to become part of our diverse, cultural team? We welcome you!