Sales & Account Management careers at FourVision

Sales & Account Management

Find the best solution

As a sales & account management employee, it is your job to present our best solutions together so that the customers' needs are met perfectly. Work with your team to ensure customer satisfaction and successful delivery to the implementation team! 
Reach out
Reach out Reach out to potential leads to turn them into customers
Relationships Maintain contact and excellent relations with customers 
Watch trends
Watch trends Stay on top of the latest trends in HR to help customers!
Contacts Be the connector between FourVision and our customers!
Employees working together
Give demos As our sales & account managers you will learn everything you can about our products to give demonstrations to potential customers. You always make sure that your demo is perfectly tailored to show the customer how our products will improve their HR department.
A person presenting confidently to an audience
Communicate You like a challenge! You like going the extra mile to convert a potential lead into a new customer. You are a strong communicator who will not give up after hearding "no" for an answer. This motivated you to work harder to show the customer why they need our help!