Marketing & Communications Careers at FourVision

Marketing & Communications

The face of the organization

Our marketing and communication specialists take care of the visibility of our brand. They work to make sure that our target group can find us and use social and other digital means to make it happen. Our focus is on helping our potential customers to the best of our abilities by finding solutions and advice. Our MarCom team also work hard to bring any potential lead in touch with our specialists to match requests with suitable solutions. 
Campaigns Be a part of crossover media campaigns targeted to obtain leads from organzations all over the world
Experts Learn about HR technology during working hours to set the right tone for our messages
Magnifying Glass
Market trends Stay on top of market trends and know when to write or post about what topics
FourVision Brand
Our brand Work with us to develop our FourVision brand both internally and externally
Online Campaign
Online campaigns
We use the latest state-of-the-art analytics tools to measure the success of our campaigns. The results help us adjust any messages we send out. 
Brand Recognition
Brand recognition
We work hard to send the FourVision brand out into the world. To do so, we create new content and design new images on a daily basis
Representative software on Laptop
Marketing tools
We use various tools, such as CRM and CMS to ensure our (online) content is always up-to-date. The tools help us create strong messages
What our people say "Working in the marketing department of FourVision allows me to work on beautiful projects for different customers." Max Schiffelers, Online Marketing Specialist